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Basic Protection

Copas dari artikel aslinya.. Intinya adalah visualisasi, harap dibiasakan, agar saat dibutuhkan terbiasa dan lebih gampang Berikut bentuk2 pertahanannya:

1. The Bubble shield
This is one of the simplest shields to do. It works well in everyday life, however in combat (not that I think may of you will be doing this but I will give you all the infomation I can) it can be a bit thin and fragile. To do it is simple. Sit and meditate for a while, conect to your source and draw energy into yourself. Then gentle push it out into a bubble of energy around you, imagin it strong and powerful, keeping out everything thrown at it. This shield is one best used in everyday life, it should keep of most random thoughts, emotions and general stuff that floats around all the time. It's also useful to strengthen other shields, I'll explain this later on in this essay.

2. Marshmellow shield
This is my favourite shield, I love making it and it's sooo much fun to use. It can be used in combat to great effect, however I tend to use it in everyday life as well. The idea of the shield is you have layer apon layer of marshmallow in your sheild that will absorb the impact of negative stuff and will catch and neutralise any stuff that might make it's way in. SO basicaly something hits it it either bounces off or if it does penitrate it doesn't get far and can be delt with without it causeing any damage. It's a very thick shield, so it can be a bit difficult to construct. What I do is start my filling myself with energy then consentrate it above my head and transform it into melted marshmallow, which I spred in a layor around myself. If you find that difficult, construct a bubble shield first, then spread the marshmallow on top of it. You build up layors of this, imagining that the marshmellow hardens and become squishy but strong. Keep adding layors until satisfied. I can do it till it's about a foot thick, but for every day life this can be a bit excesive. If you want to use this shield but don't want it to thick use some other shields with it in a combo.

3. Mirror Shield
This one can be used in many situations, it's very versitile and it can be used in combat, everyday life and magic. It's main use tends to be invisability, it's use in combat and real life is pretty much the same. It reflects the negative energies whatever they may be back at the sender, which is useful in combat because you don't need to do as many attacks, however in real life I don't recomend it as negative stuff is rarely directed at you and even if it is the person doing it may not ever realise they are doing it and it is unfair to harm them by sending their stuff back at them. So in everyday life I recomend you use a different shield. Mirror shields can be very popular, they only time I've ever used them is for invisability but many people use it all the time. There are many ways of putting one up, some people imagine just imagine their shield as a huge mirror. Some see themselves rapping tin foil around their shield. I do it like this: I imagine pouring silver metal into my shield (I usualy have a bubble shield up first) then smooth it over to produce a shiny and reflective surface.

4. Camo Shield
This is a fun shield but it only really has one real use which is invisability. Basicaly you use your shield as camouflage. What you do is blend your shield to the colours and shapes around you, like the diagram above if the area behind you is red then your shield is red. So if you are standing in front of a tree you want your shield to progect an image of a tree so all people see is the tree and they don't see you. The idea is that you fade into the background, like a chameleon. Of course it doesn't make you totaly invisable like in the movies, however people tend to just not see or notice you, like you weren't there, if you're good even people who are looking for you won't notice you. Of course if you go and talk to them or atract their attention then they'll notice you. This effect is helped if you wear cloths that fade into the background, browns, greys and blacks tend to work well and green works well if you're outside. Just avoid wearing really bright colours when doing this shield, cause people will tend to notice if you're wearing bright pink in a green field.

5. Combo Shield
A combo shield is simply a combination of two or more different shields to make a stronger one. This is the shield I tend to use. Here's the key;  Blue is a bubble shield, pink is a marshmallow shield and silver is a mirror shield.

 Quoted from Terow

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